Thanks to all who were a part of the campaign to make this project a reality! Listen to the songs, read album credits and lyrics, and purchase downloads or hard copy CDs below.

The World Awake

produced by Paul Mutzabaugh

© 2016 kellie lin knott, all rights reserved


released December 15, 2016


Kellie Lin Knott – lead/backing vox, guitar, ukelele
Paul Mutzabaugh – piano, B3 organ, keyboards, acoustic/electric guitar, percussion
Larry Kohut & Chris Clemente – upright bass/fretless electric bass
Chris Siebold – electric guitars, lap steel, dobro
Rich Stitzel – drums & cajon
Jen Lowe & Gina Young – violin
Anny Moravec & Wendy Cotton – viola & cello
Brian Schwab & Ryan Shultz – flugelhorn & bass trumpet
Aaron McEvers – tenor saxophone


Producer: Paul Mutzabaugh –
Lead Recording & Mixing Engineer: Bryan Clavey –
Additional Recording / Mixing Engineer: Crit Harmon –
Strings Engineer: Josh Richter –
Engineer: Jim Massoth –
Assistant Engineer: Phillip Kitzman

Vocal Arrangements: Kellie Lin Knott, Paul Mutzabaugh, Crit Harmon
Horn Arrangement (The Dream): Aaron McEvers
All Other Band + String Arrangements: Paul Mutzabaugh

Mixing: Bryan Clavey with additional mixing by Crit Harmon
Mastering: Ian Kennedy –
Executive Producers: Mark & Debbie Williamson & Gordon & Jackie Knott


May I Suggest, music/lyrics by Susan Werner
Frank Chance Music (ASCAP) –

All other music and lyrics by KLK (Kellie Lin) except for:

All of Me lyrics by Debbie Williamson + KLK
When I’m Ready lyrics by KLK + Jackie Larson-Knott
The Dream lyrics by KLK with additional lyrics by Paul Mutzabaugh
Lost in Love, Shake the World , Make Me Wonder lyrics by KLK + Debbie Williamson

DEDICATIONS – this project is lovingly dedicated to:

* The NYC Yoga Project – – for making the world brighter
* My Grandmothers – Ellajane Knott & Jean Larson – for Gratitude Prayer
* My Parents – Gordon & Jackie Knott – for never giving up on me (even when I did)
* Debbie Williamson – for laughter, co-writes and never-ending support
* Bryan & Paul – for inspiring this accidental record (revisions, just revisions)
* Crit Harmon – for bringing these songs all the way home


Not only are these businesses run by phenomenal women who are changing the world, but they and their communities supported this CD and this message of Gratitude at a very high level. Thank you!

Wild Kauai Chocolate –
Mind Body Heart Power Yoga –
Sundari Power Yoga –
Backyard Kids Yoga –
Next Yoga –